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The Moebius Syndrome Educational DVD

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The Moebius Syndrome Foundation Educational DVD

Produced with funding from the Christopher Reeve Foundation, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation has created an educational DVD about Moebius Syndrome, "Learning About Moebius Syndrome: Stories That Will Make You Smile." The DVD features several adults, children and parents of children with Moebius Syndrome as well as Ronald M. Zuker, MD. Produced to provide information and increase awareness about Moebius Syndrome, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation will provide one free DVD to each person with Moebius ($10 donation requested otherwise).

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    View DVD on YouTube

    The Moebius Syndrome Foundation Educational DVD is on YouTube in five videos.  Play each one in order to see the full DVD.

Did You Know?

Cranial Nerve 5

Motor and sensory nerve-Trigeminal Nerve-Carries sensory information from most of the head, neck, sinuses, and face. Also carries sensory information for ear and tympanic membrane. Provides motor supply to the muscles of masticulation (chewing), and to some of the muscles on the floor of the mouth. Also provides motor supply to tensor tympani (small muscle in the middle ear which tenses to protect the eardrum).